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Why Do You Need an RFID-Blocking Wallet?.

December 12,2018 Articles
Why Do You Need an RFID-Blocking Wallet?.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that’s ending up in more and more products every year. Manufacturers can use it to track products as they move through various stages of production. Retailers can use it to track and control inventory. Pet owners can have their vet install a tracking chip in their dog or cat in case it ever gets lost. But RFID is also used in a large number of credit cards, ID cards, passports, keycards, and more, and to keep the information stored on those cards and documents safe, you need an RFID-blocking wallet.

How Does RFID Work?

RFID uses small tags that transmit identifying data to devices known as readers. These readers can be connected to computer inventory system, retail points of sale, electronic locks, and more. What makes these tags so convenient is how small they can be. A common tag like this is only about as big as one or two grains of rice. Some tags are larger to accommodate a battery which boosts their signal distance.

Vulnerabilities of RFID

There are a number of reasons why you should look into an RFID-blocking wallet if you have any credit cards, ID cards, or keycards that incorporate RFID technology.

  • Rogue readers: RFID’s primary benefit—reading data at a distance and without line of sight—is also its biggest security drawback. RFID readers are portable, and a powerful RFID reader can get the data from the tags at a surprising distance, and without the card holder ever knowing that their data has been compromised.
  • Potential damage: Certain radio frequencies can actually damage the components of RFID tags.
  • Tag tracking: By reading the location of RFID tags that an individual carries with them at all times, like the cards in their wallets, those individuals can be tracked.

The Solution

If any of these things are a concern to you, then you need an aluminum wallet like the ones offered by Get Exclusive. Not only does the aluminum construction offer excellent RFID protection, requiring the card to be removed from the wallet before it can be scanned, but it is both lightweight and durable, and Get Exclusive offers tons of designs to customize your wallet, and even allows you to create your own design. Don’t let your RFID data get compromised. Protect your important cards with an aluminum wallet from Get Exclusive today.


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