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Custom Car License Plate Frames

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Want to make a lasting statement through your car? Our custom car license plate frames are an excellent way to do so. Subtle or funky - whatever your choice is, our high-quality custom car license plate frames will make your car look dapper while ensuring its license plate is fixed and secure. 

Types of Custom Car License Plate Frames

At, we showcase a wide and unique range of quality custom car license plate frames so that you never have to compromise on your choice. Some of our best-selling products from this category include:

  • Standard Car Metal License Plate Frames - If you need a cross of durability and space for your frame engraving, the Standard Car Metal License Plate Frame is for you. One of our best-selling products in the line, this frame is available in Chrome, Gold, and Black finish.

  •  Car 4-Hole Metal License Plate Frames - Best for states with registration sticker compulsion, the four-hole metal frames are also ideal for personalization and come in various colors and sizes.

  • Heavy Duty Car Metal License Plate Frames - Just as the name suggests, these license plate frames are for people looking for something sturdy and resistant. Made of zinc, the heavy-duty frames are also perfect for your car, truck, RV, or trailer.

  • All States Car Metal License Plate Frames - Available in 4 different types of finishes including the brand-new Gunmetal finish and designed in a slimline layout, our all-new All States Car Metal License Plate frames fit any standard 6” x 12” license plate and are all states-compatible. 

  • Anodized Aluminum Car License Plate Frames - The Anodized Aluminium Car License Plate frame works perfectly for anyone looking for a sleek and strong license plate frame. Available in 4 different colors, these frames have rounded corners that allow extra strength and a classy finish. 

  • Premium Car Plastic License Plate Frames - Exclusively designed to protect your car’s license plate frame while protecting the vehicle’s coating, these frames are made of exterior-grade ABS plastic. They are meticulously designed to look neat and elegant.

  • Black & Gold 1960 Legacy - Car License Plate Frames - If you also own the heritage of a California Black & Gold 1960 Legacy License plate, choose a frame that’s custom designed to fit its accents. The Black & Gold 1960 Legacy License Plate frame is available in 5 different shapes and follows the classic black and gold lettering fashion. 

Designer Car License Plate Frames

Can't decide what style of license plate frame is right for your car? Don’t worry - choose from our collection of stylish and pre-crafted designer car license plate frames! We have two design types for you to choose from:

You can shop for them here

All States Car Metal License Plate Frames

Our All States Car Metal License Plate Frames are designed in such a way that they are compatible for all the States in the United States. 

Frames designed to expose the name of the state no matter where it is located on your plate, county name, registration stickers etc. in other words these frames are perfect for any state.

You can check out our entire collection here.

Design Your Own Personalized Car License Plate Frame

Do you want your license plate frame to look a certain way? 

If yes, we can design your license plate frame just the way you want through our intuitive designing tool. Simply pick a frame design and start customizing every nook and corner. It’s really that simple!

Don’t believe us? Here, check it out

Why Buy from

Here at, we ensure you get the best license plate frames for your car at the most affordable prices. Other than that, we also:

  • Offer heavy discounts on all our high-quality products.

  • Ship your product within 1-2 business days at a ZERO delivery fee.

  • Showcase a wide range of license plate frames like custom motorcycle plate frames, designer motorcycle license plate frames, designer car license plate frames, etc. 

So what are you waiting for? Shop for your next license plate frame from


Q. Can you have a frame around your license plate? 

Ans. Yes, you can have a frame around your vehicle’s license plate. 

Q. Are metal or plastic license plate frames better?

Ans. Generally, metal license plate frames are better than plastic ones as they are sturdier and more durable. 

Q. Where to buy the best car license plate frames? 

Ans. If you’re looking for the best-quality license plate frames, shop from

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