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U.S. Air Force Retired - Motorcycle Metal License Plate Frame

U.S. Air Force Retired - Motorcycle Metal License Plate Frame


  • $30.99 ea

These high quality Motorcycle Metal (zinc) license plate frames are available in 2 different finish options: Chrome and Black finish.

Artwork is printed using unique technology with our special equipment onto UV stable and weather resistant outdoor-grade vinyl and then bonded to the license plate frame.

Clear polyurethane doming resin (UV stable for 5+ years) goes on top of the printed design to give it improved, rich, luxury and custom look as well as protect it from extreme weather conditions.

Frames come with 4 mounting holes which is why we strongly recommend to mount it with all 4 screws, this way license plate and license plate frame becomes one solid structure and gets even stronger.

These frames fit any standard size 4” x 7” motorcycle license plates.

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