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Two Hole vs Four Hole in License Plate Frame?

September 29,2022 Articles

A license plate, also known as a number plate, is attached to a motor vehicle or trailer for identification purposes. Road vehicles are required to display license plate tags in all countries.
A license plate frame is an accessory that is placed over the license plate on a vehicle. It comes in different materials, including plastic, metal, and aluminum, colors and designs. There are many advantages to purchasing a frame for your license plate, some of which are listed below.

  • Protective: A quality license plate frame protects the edges of the license plate from being bent while on the road and especially at the carwash.
  • Long-lasting: Steel is used to construct the most durable license plate frames, while an alloy is used for light frames. Both these types of frames ensure that your license plate is not cracked or broken during rough rides.    
  • Custom-made: You can choose to have your company’s logo, tagline, or other text engraved or printed on the frame. This is a great way to stand out from other vehicles, enhance the look of your vehicle, advertise your business, real estate company, school you have graduated from, show your support to a sports team or simply have a funny phrase on it.
  • Easy installation: They are easy to install with no additional drilling or adding extra holes to the body of your vehicle.

 How Does a 2 Hole vs. 4 Hole License Plate Frame Design Look?

A two hole license plate frame has two screw holes on the top of the frame. A four hole license plate frame has four screw holes, two on top and two on bottom.

2 Hole vs. 4 Hole License Plate Frame

When choosing a two-hole license plate frame or a four-hole license plate frame, it may be helpful to know what purpose each one serves.

4 Hole License Plate Frames

  • The main difference between two hole and four hole license plate frames is that four hole frames have four screws to hold them in place, while two hole frames only have two screws. This means that four hole frames are more secure than two hole frames, and they are less likely to get stolen.
  • The drawback of a four-hole license plate frame is that you get less text or engraving space, whereas, on a two-hole frame, we can get more space for text or engraving.
  • Four License Plate Frames won’t create any rattling noise since they have a much stronger hold. 

2 Hole License Plate Frames

  • The standard two-hole License Plate Frame is our best selling, most popular product and works in most of the states.
  • Two-hole license plate frame offers ample space for any letters or engravings.
  • Each 2-hole frame has securing tabs on the back that allows it to secure the license plate in place and prevent it from rattling. 

Best Four-Hole License Plate Frames

  • The Car 4-Hole Metal license plate frames are one of the most popular styles for personalized license plate frames in following states:  LA, OR, OH, ME, KY, IA, ID, MS, NH, NM, SC, RI, SD, VT, WV, WI, CO and states which have a registration tags located at the bottom corners of the license plate.  These frames fit all standard size license plates (12" x 6").
  • The Thin Top Car 4-hole license plate frame is another popular four-hole product on the market. Narrow-top design allows to expose the name of the state located on the top part of the license plate. It is available in 4 different finishes: Chrome, Gold, Gunmetal and Matte Black Powder coated finish.

Best Two-Hole License Plate Frames

  • Narrow Top Car Metal License Plate Frames are one of the most popular two-hole plate frames on the market in the states which do not allow to cover up the name of the state. Available in Black and Chrome finish. Best for the following states - AK, AZ, AR, CA , CT, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IA , KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NJ, NM, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV and WI.
  • Standard Car Metal License Plate Frames have a large area for engraving and make it possible to see the state registration decals only if they are located at the top corners of the license plate. These frames come in Gold, Chrome, Black and Gunmetal finish and have engraving panels on the top and bottom. Two-color American-made acrylic insert panels are very durable, weather resistant, UV-stable and offer the most space for engraving.


The 2 hole vs. 4 hole license plate frame design is a common question among drivers, and the answer depends on what you are looking for in a license plate frame.

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