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Design Your Own Personalized Auto Narrow Top License Plate Frame
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Price:   Sale: $28.99

Please note that before engraving our technician will check that your text is centered and aligned properly to fit into engravable area.

Design your own license plate frame even if you live in a state that restricts how much of the plate can be covered! Our personalized chrome license plate frame styles include a narrow top frame design.

Our metal (zinc) narrow top frames were designed especially for states such as PA, ME, TX, NJ, AZ, MD, NY, FL etc. which do not allow drivers to cover up the name of the state with a license plate frame. You can still design your own license plate frame even with these restrictions because we’ve carefully built these plates so that the top part of the frame is only 1/2" wide. You will also find that we offer the same chrome and black matte finish in our standard license plate frame designs. Acrylic, UV resistant insert strips are used for the engraved message to ensure that your license plate will not be damaged by the sun, and will stay looking as good as the day you received it!



Price shown above is for each frame only, not for a set. 


Size or shape of the frame being ordered may not be acceptable in all states;

Please give us a call or send us email if you need help choosing correct frame to comply with your state requirements.


Buyers from LA, OR, OH, ME, KY, IA, ID, MS, NH, NM, SC, RI, SD, VT, WV, WI, CO, MN and other states that have registration stickers on the bottom corners of the license plate, we suggest to use one of the following products to comply with your state regulations: Car 4-Hole Frame, CNC Machined Aluminum Frames Slim Line Black Edition, CNC Machined Aluminum Frame Single Badge or Double Badge or CNC Machined Aluminum Frame (Black Edition)



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