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Design Your Own Personalized Auto Anodized Aluminum License Plate Frame
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Price:   Sale: $29.99

Please note that before engraving our technician will check that your text is centered and aligned properly to fit into engravable area.

Personalized anodized aluminum license plate frames for automobiles are available in a rainbow of colors. Design laser engraved license plate frames for yourself or as a gift.

Anodized Aluminum frames are great, classy addition to your stylish car. If you want to express yourself with fun colors and custom designs, then you will surely love our personalized anodized aluminum license plate frames! 

These frames made of stamped sheet aluminum and come in an extensive color selection ranging from pink and purple to traditional black tone. We are also able to offer custom logo options for these laser engraved license plate frames. Your own custom logo along with lettering to create the message of your choice will all be laser etched on to the frame and appear in light grey color.


Feel free to contact us for additional details and information about adding your personal logo to the frame that you are designing.



Price shown above is for each frame only, not for a set.


Size or shape of the frame being ordered may not be acceptable in all states.


As we mentioned above these black frames come with light grey text on it - not white, please consider our Special Edition frames if you are shopping for a black aluminum frames with white text.


Buyers from LA, OR, OH, ME, KY, IA, ID, MS, NH, NM, SC, RI, SD, VT, WV, WI, CO, MN and other states that have registration stickers on the bottom corners of the license plate, we suggest to use one of the following products to comply with your state regulations: Car 4-Hole FrameThin Top Car 4-holeAll-States Metal FramesNarrow-Top Aluminum Frames, CNC Machined Aluminum Frames Slim Line Black Edition, CNC Machined Aluminum Frame Single Badge or Double Badge, CNC Machined Aluminum Frame (Black Edition), CNC Machined Aluminum License Plate Frame (Double Black Edition) or CNC Machined Aluminum Frame (Black Edition)


Please give us a call or send us email if you need help choosing correct frame to comply with your state requirements. 

Customer reviews
Sissy Molton on 02/18/2019
Based on 17 reviews.
This is the second frame I am ordering. Have had the first one since 2011. I ordered a frame from some one else and got it today. Not what I really asked for but oh well, I'll live with it. Just ordering a better one here.
Hana K on 09/17/2018
Based on 17 reviews.
They are great!!!
Louann Corbett on 09/08/2018
Based on 17 reviews.
Love my new plate!!!! Excellent job and love the color (pink) Fast delivery..Thank you!
Abed on 04/24/2018
Based on 17 reviews.
I suggest you provide more fonts choices, preferably a compact font choice. An option to select font size would be helpful as well.
Jean Frenel Stivern on 04/11/2018
Based on 17 reviews.
I hope everything going well. As the first time that i am dealing now.
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